Swimming Pool Vacuum Tube

swimming pool vacuum tubeSwimming Pool Vacuum Tube

This is a solar thermal system, using the sun to heat up your pool water. Solar vacuum tubing is a great way to save on your heating costs. The water is heated in the tubes and collects in a reservoir/storage tank above the panel and the warm water rises into the tank. During winter a gas heater can be used to top up the heat. The tubes are coated in a special light modulated coating in order to absorb as much heat as possible. All in all a great investment.

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Swimming Pool Solar Matting

swimming pool solar matting

Swimming Pool Solar Matting

This is an excellent and versatile way to heat your pool. There are many advantages to choosing solar matting as a method for heating your pool.  Unlike conventional solar panels this far easier to use because it rolls up like any matting. The material is known as EPDM and it is a great product to use for swimming pools because of it’s durabilty under weather conditions. With ordinary rubber matting, it might become brittle, but this is quite hard wearing and a lot less susceptable to damge from colder weather. This pool solar matting contains small tubes that are designed to absorb heat. When it’s not used it’s lightweight, so can simply be rolled up and stored away.

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