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Genie 50kw Gas Condensing Pool Boiler


certikin genie 50kw gas condensing swimming pool boilerCertikin Genie 50kw Gas Condensing Swimming Pool Boiler

This incredibly efficient Certikin Genie 50kw gas condensing pool boiler can run on either LPG or natural gas (there is a conversion kit for LPG gas). The display screen shows the temerature in either Farenheit or Centigrade, which can be made tamper proof, which can also diagnose any potential problem and indicates when a service is required.

The Certikin Genie runs with a water to water heat exchanger that uses cupro nickel tubes which gives it the ability to cope well when the water balance isn’t right. The Certikin Genie is lightweight  and runs quietly and can be wall mounted with a wall mounting kit.

Other features:

Comes Pre plumbed complete with filling loop and none return valve.

CCP Pool control panel compatible.

Either left to right, or right to left connection.

With condensate disposal connections to be used on either side.

Up to 94% condensating efficiency.

Push fit CVI  Honeywell controls with can be horizontal and/or vertical up to 20m.

Plastic flue kits.

Multiple heater kit options.

Running costs can be reduced by up to 30%

Accurate temperatures are acheived by modulating unit.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor pools.

Price only £3250 plus shipping!