El Nino 10ft Pool Round Splasher

el nino above ground pool 10ft round splasher

El Nino Above Ground 10ft Pool Splasher

The El Nino Pool splasher is a fantastic, economical way to heat your above ground pool. Simple to set up and it’s said this product will pay for itself in less than a year. The way it works is simple: A cold water pipe, or pipes, runs water through the matting. The heat absorbs the water once inside the mat and the warm water goes through a tube and into the pool.  This product is very cheap to run and you can use your existing water pump.The water is heated to a comfortable temperature, which means during a typical sunny day, the pool can be used for longer and when not in use can be rolled up and put away. For a basic kit, all that is required is a small amount of hose pipe.

Price only £105 plus shipping!