Electric Coil Heaters

Electro 6kw Electric Coil Pool Heater


electro 6kw electric coil swimming pool heaterElectro 6kw Electic Coil Pool Heater

The 6kw Elecro Coil  pool heater is easy to install. It features an integral contactor relay, a control thermostat and a seperate safety thermostat. It is pre-wired and even has a super sensitive flow switch.  It’s safe coupling means it can be used for Intex, Fast Set type splasher pools. All that’s needed is a  final connection to a mandatory separate RCD. No pump interlock is required and its comes with a 1½” BSP female threaded adapter so is easy to connect to rigid pipework. Or alternatively for flexible pipework a hose tail adapter is supplied too.

Price only£395 plus shipping!