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Pilot Lit Laars 250 Pool Gas Boiler


pilot lit laars 250 swimming pool gas boilerPilot Lit Laars 250 Swimming Pool Gas Boiler

This Pilot Lit Jandy Laars 250 gas boiler is a great boiler system that uses a unique Laars Jandy copper finned heat exchanger. Quiet, economical and very efficient, it’s ability to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures is helped by the sealed controls. The insulating materials used in it’s constructionand the smaller more economical combustion chamber , make it a lighter boiler as well as the fact it is a smaller sized boiler, it is also an extremely energy efficient boiler.

This Jandy Laars 250 Gas Boiler is a high tech system that features a self diagnosistic programme, temperature control for your pool and digital setting to control your boiler and pump on an LCD display.  The pilot light uses an electronic ignition, and there are reversable headers that accept PVC plumbing on either side of the boiler. All in all this is a great buy.

It is recommended that this boiler is used for

For in ground pools during the extended summer period 50 x 20 feet

And for in ground pools all year round heating size 40 x 20 feet.

Price only £3450 plus shipping!