Premium 8mm Heat Retention Swimming Pool Cover

Premium 8mm Heat Retention Swimming Pool CoverPremium 8mm Heat Retention Swimming Pool Cover

This is a very thick foam cover that is cut to size and hemmed to protect the edge of the cover.  A great product which is extremely economical. This very good quality pool cover is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Excellent for heat and solar retention. The closed cell PE foam, is laminated. It is sealed  between a strong woven polyethylene sheet and a protective skin which is clear.  Using a pool cover in general keeps the water warmer and uses the sun by absorbing solar energy. On all pools this can reduce bills because it decreases evapouration of water and chemicals,  and on heated pools, this saves on heating bills. As the light is reduced with this cover, it discourages algae growth.

Price from only £30.52 per m2 – Please call.

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