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Pool Cyclone 1.5 Inch Pre Filter


swimming pool cyclone 2 inch pre filterSwimming Pool Cyclone 1.5″ Pre Filter

This 1.5 inch Multi Cyclone pre filter is a fantastic way to save costs. It uses centrifugal force to pre filter your pool, debris is collected at the bottom. The cyclone is reversed and cleans water leave the filter. It uses no filter media and as there are limited mechanical parts, wear and tear is reduced dramatically. The filter box uses fibreglass plated plywoood. It has a sliding ABS top, which can stop debris getting into the filter system. As multi cyclone pre filter system is clear it’s eay to see when it needs emptying. Pre filtering can remove up to 80% of debris and it is very easy to install. A must to save you money.

Price only £275 plus shipping!