Electric Coil Heaters

7.5kw Electric Coil Pool Heater

thermalec 7.5kw electric coil swimming pool heater

This Thermalec 7.5kw Electric Coil pool heater is wired for single phase, but can be adapted into a 3 phase and are supplied with an adaptor. It is a British made product and has a unique operating system. The thermostat has a sensor that measures the temperate and control it to within 1 degrees C. When water passes through the fiter at high velocity it doesn’t actually hit any of the heating elements. Instead it is sent around the base of the element and deflected by baffles. The advantage of using  this clever patented system (the spiral flow method), means that as water bypasses the element element any debris or scale build up is very low, meaning lower maintenance costs to you.

Price only £950 plus shipping!