Pool Filters

Triton 30 Inch Swimming Pool Filter

triton 30 inch swimming pool filter

The Triton 30 inch pool filter, otherwise known as the TR100, is a really good durable sand filter. This UV resistant filter is constructed from reinforced fibreglass. This is a pressure filter that uses sand and pea gravel to filter debris and dirt. Water from your pool is passed through the control valve and is filtered through the sand and gravel. Eventually enough dirt is collected and a backwash to clear this can be initiated, it is good to know when to do this for correct maintenance of your pool.  There is a pressure gauge on the top of the filter and you can monitor some of the filtration and backwash through the clear dome at the top of the filter. A sidemounted multiport valve comes with the filter and this filter is also available in a 24inch and 19inch size. Depending on your pool size. Using a filter is an important part of keeping your pool clear and should be used in combination with pool sanitisers.

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