Pool Pumps

Waterco 0.33 HP Pool Water Pump

waterco 0.33 horse power swimming pool pump

This Waterco 0.33 HP pump is great for small pools, recirulation systems such as small water features and ponds. There is a basket that collects any debris. This can be viewed through the clear lid. Because of the impeller and diffuser design, this improves the hydraulic  is a very output, but also keeps turbulence to a minimum. The hydraulic system is very efficient and through this the running time is lower, which makes it economical to run. The main body of the pump is constructed from egineered plastic mould, making it very durable. It contains a second seal for extra protection to the high performance engine, which is fan cooled for thermal protection. This product is also available with a larger HP.

Price only £275 plus shipping!