Spa Bromine Tablets 1Kg

spa bromine tablets 1kg Spa Bromine Tablets 1Kg

Bromine tablets are a good option for sanitising your spa. This  product is a good choice for spas because  they work well in high temperatures. The tablets dissolve and become a bromine sanitiser, they don’t increase the water hardness as they don’t contain chlorine and will only slightly change your pH level.

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Spa Fusion Oxidiser

spa fusion oxidiser Spa Fusion Oxidiser Sachet

For good spa maintenance, it’s recommended that these sachets are used once a week for water clarity. They results are quick and any waste that won’t go through the filters is destroyed. This helps prevent algae growth and prevents chloromines from causing smells and those annoying stinging eyes.

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Spa FoamAway

spa foamawaySpa FoamAway

This product reduces foam caused by soaps and oils and organic debris  in your spa. It should not be mixed with other chemicals or used on large amounts of foam. However it is good for regular maintenance of your spa, if foam is present.

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Spa pH Minus 1.5Kg

spa ph minus 1.5kgSpa pH Minus 1.5Kg

Spa pH minus comes in granular form and reduces the ph level of your spa when it goes above pH7.6. It can also reduce the total alkalinity of your spa if it goes above 150mg/l (ppm). This treatment may be required more than once for the correct alkality.

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Spa Sparkle

spa sparkleSpa Sparkle

Spa Sparkle is a product that clears your cloudy water. Any tiny dirt particles and residues left by soap products and general dirt, that make your water cloudy will be removed with Spa Sparkle and end up in your filtration system. Leaving your water lovely and clear. It good to use this product as part of your recommended spa maintenance.

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Spa Surface Cleaner

spa surface cleanerSpa Surface Cleaner

Spa Surface Cleaner can be used to clean around the water line and remove dirt and grease build up, or you can use it to clean the whole spa when it’s empty. It’s not abrasive, so will keep the surface of your spa in good condition.

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Spa Water Care Kit Complete

spa water care kitSpa Water Care Kit Complete.

This is a good all rounder kit and includes :

500g Spa Chlorine Granules
500g pH Plus
750g pH Minus
0.5ltr Spa FoamAway
50 x 3 Way Chlorine, Alkalinity and pH Test Strips
Spa Water Treatment Guide

For keeping your water in tip top condition, this kit has everything you need. See our other products that also will maintain a healthy spa environment.

Only £45 plus shipping!